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Throughout the Northern Hemisphere, people who love to row are renewing their annual winter friendship with the rowing machine, known as the ergometer (ur-GAW-muh-tur) or more affectionately as just the erg. Distance erging (yes, it’s also a verb)... [read more]
Human beings are essentially tubes – long channels open at both ends.  The walls of our human body tubes can be described as the most complex tube in the world, so bear with me – this is actually a valuable concept.  To understand our tube-like... [read more]
On a recent Tuesday night, I had to go down into the basement - a dark and dingy combination of crawl space and failed fall out shelter - to get my fluffy comforter and an extra sheet to guard my outdoor tomatoes against that night’s frosty threat.... [read more]
The recent news about vitamin D is confusing if you look to the news for insights about managing your health. Does it help prevent colds? What about more serious diseases? Health bulletins make good headlines, but they are often misleading and... [read more]
The end of summer is a good time for thinking about your skin. September is a good time to stop using sunscreen, if you use it at all, and if you live north of Mexico. Thirty minutes of midsummer, mid-day sun is weakly equaled by several hours in... [read more]
You surely don’t need to be a research scientist to see the flaws in the utterly ridiculous study whose findings that recently made the news.  Researchers in Canada surveyed over 1200 middle aged men and women in a vascular prevention clinic where... [read more]
It was the last leg of the race.  The finish line, with all the rest and reprieve it had to offer, was minutes away.  My body felt tired, my muscles exhausted from the last 49 miles and hours of sweat and adrenaline. I rounded the corner where the... [read more]
Many people think that yoga is synonymous to stretching. The truth is that yoga goes far beyond increasing flexibility. In fact, it could be the secret weapon you need to improve your performance!"Yoga" is a Sanskrit word meaning "to yoke or to... [read more]
Did you know 68% of Americans are either classified as obese or overweight?As unreal as this may seem, it is true! After watching Weight of the Nation on HBO, it seems much more real than I could ever imagine! More than half of the population is... [read more]
Research is currently being published in a peer-reviewed journal demonstrating a measurable physiological effect in response to blinded administration of homeopathic remedies. As if homeopathic remedies are not sufficiently subtle when taken orally... [read more]