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That apology is what should be coming out of the US Department of Agriculture in concert with the US Department of Health and Human Services. Turns out 40 years of telling people to restrict dietary fat and put a strict limit on dietary cholesterol... [read more]
I should always clarify what KIND of news I'm including in this space. There is actual news: a new study, or a new observation, something that adds to the general body of information on which we all rely to keep fine-tuning our health to the best... [read more]
If you're over 50, you certainly have had the experience of looking in the mirror and being shocked: wait, I thought I still looked the same as when I was younger... I still FEEL the same person inside! The mirror tells us otherwise: we develop... [read more]
Do any stores near you carry the magazine Spirituality & Health? If so, swing by and pick up a copy of the May/June issue and check out my article, “Why go Paleo?” with some really great photography taken by the son of a friend of mine. No such... [read more]
A recent article in the NY Times tells us that the celebration of fish oil as a means to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke has been misguided. Despite a few studies confirming its benefit, most of the studies did not pan out when conducted... [read more]
The synthesis of thyroid hormone, and its regulation, are complicated! If you've followed my Thyroid Thicket series, you have an overview of approaching someone who might be considered to have thyroid hormones. One of the details mentioned... [read more]
OK, I have no idea whether statin drugs look anything like the pills in the picture, but what is a greater mystery to me: why isn't the world jumping up and down about the article published last month suggesting unexpected adverse effects from... [read more]
Does milk build strong bodies or is that just an advertisement? We all know baby mammals drink milk and grow well with an exclusive dairy diet at the beginning of their lives, but what about those of us at the other end of our lives? Should we... [read more]
"Oh, don't worry," the doctor said in a kindly voice, "these little hot flashes will disappear on their own."  Just one of the things that angers me about the general level of medical practice. A new study addressed the common wisdom (sic) that hot... [read more]
Admittedly this sounds like a cheesy sci-fi term, but it’s your inflammasome that you can alter with diet or exercise, and thereby reduce inflammation in your body overall. Since inflammation is associated or known to be causal with almost any... [read more]