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Ah, yes, full fat dairy prevails! It’s hard to identify the origins of the consistent health recommendation to select low-fat over full-fat dairy. Despite recent findings that children are healthier on full-fat dairy (they are more likely to have... [read more]
Has depression ever interrupted your sleep? Recent research suggests that it also works the other way around, that sleep problems can aggravate depression and sweeter sleep makes it easier for you to bounce back from your depression. Candian... [read more]
Recent surveys of fish oil capsules performed by independent laboratories have revealed a fairly significant proportion of rancidity in the products sampled. Researchers from Spain recently investigated just what would be the effect of consuming... [read more]
Perhaps it’s not so newsworthy each time a practicing physician sees the light about saturated fat. It’s happened to many physicians, even cardiologists. But it becomes news when a leading medical journal highlights an article exonerating saturated... [read more]
The annual Wise Traditions Conference is less than a month away, and I just learned that they still have openings for you if you are thinking of going!The meeting is held in downtown Atlanta this year, which I've always wanted to see, but I'll have... [read more]
In a study focusing on health professionals, attention focused on the association between fruit consumption and risk of developing type 2 diabetes. What they found was that simply eating three servings a week of fruit didn’t seem to affect whether... [read more]
Researchers in Scotland report that when after reviewing the health records of over 37,000 people born since 1950, they found that those people whose mothers had been obese at their first prenatal checkup tended to die prematurely from various... [read more]
It has been previously noted that diabetes raises the risk for osteopenia and osteoporosis, although the mechanism has not been well understood. Rather than focusing on blood sugar levels, the researchers in a newly published study compared bone... [read more]
So far just one small pilot study, but what an amazing finding! Jennifer Stamps and colleagues working with patients at the University of Florida’s Brain Institute have noted in Alzheimer’s patients a consistent defect in the sense of smell and... [read more]
I guess we aren't: despite concerted effort on the part of the CDC, state and professional educators, it seems that physicians are still over-prescribing antibiotics, and probably that many people are over-consuming them. (We know folks don't... [read more]