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Patients Ask Me

The questioner continued: should I be concerned? Do I need to add back in some fiber, maybe some kind of bran? Fiber, particularly supplemental fiber, has an UN-deserved reputation for curing constipation. In fact, in a recent study, it was found... [read more]
When I suggest that someone consider a reduced carbohydrate diet, it obviously has to have some dietary component increased and that would be dietary fat. Many people report that eating more fat just isn't possible, either from historical dietary... [read more]
"The d-mannose works when I get a bladder infection... but why did I get another one?" Speaking with my patient last week reminded me how difficult it can be to break a string of bladder infections. She and I had spoken about a lot of things during... [read more]
"My daughter is heading off for 6 months of volunteer work and travel in Nepal and India. I have two questions: Is there any particular way she can “recover” from any ill effects of the required vaccinations for travel? And secondly: what are... [read more]
Good question that I’d love to talk about. Each individual’s dietary strategy is a response to their own unique metabolic or physiological need. I talk about low carb and Paleo the most because they apply to the broadest range of dietary needs, and... [read more]
When I offer a patient my medical opinion that for whatever ails them they should eliminate grains, I often hear from the patient or the family, “But aren't grains an important part of a balanced diet?”My answer depends on what you mean by balanced... [read more]
Recently I’ve heard from two folks with a not uncommon complaint: while traveling they picked up some intestinal bug, took the locally available antibiotic, and their gut has never been the same. The process for proper healing from the combined... [read more]
If you received last month’s newsletter, you might have noticed a tiny sentence, tucked at the top, suggesting that exercise is not particularly useful for weight loss, a statement that had many folks scratching their heads and wondering about the... [read more]
No secret: people are sick more often with colds and flu during the winter. Possible reasons include loss of sunlight enriched vitamin D levels, exposure to cold and damp, indoor air quality, and greater indoor crowding. Most of these conditions... [read more]