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Brain Health Public Talks

Please join me! My new venture, Northwest Memory Care, is sponsoring a monthly series of talks, open to the public, at the Smullin Education center of Asante Rogue Regional Hospital. Each month one or more members of our staff will present information that can help you today to have a healthier brain. 

We meet the last Tuesday of every month, starting at 6:00 p.m. and going til about 7:30.

Each presentation will include some general information, suitable for anyone with an interest in brain health. We will focus each month on a specific topic so we can go into the information in a little greater detail. The talk featured in the poster will pertain to what we eat and how our food choices affect our brain health. Of particular interest to anyone over 40: it would be great to offer your brain the feast it wants in the form of ketones. Your very own liver can make the ketones for your brain, given the right encouragement. 

Each time we'll also introduce other members of our staff.

The Smullin Center has great space for us to meet and talk,  easily accessed from the entrance right off of Barnett Road. Hope to see you there!


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