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Food as Vitamins“Do I need to take supplements? I eat well.” If you grow all your own food for fresh eating, and eat a wide variety of meats, fish, fats, dairy, vegetables and fruits regularly, grown in gloriously healthy soil and you spend a few hours outside in the sun daily, you may be the exception.

Otherwise, the answer is YES, we all need to take supplements.  What do we need daily?  What do we need if we have a particular health problem?  Starting with some simple programs for routine supplement use, we will explore additional areas and keep you informed of the latest information about supplement truths and falsehoods, claims and controversies.


What is the Right Supplement for Me?

Perhaps you read in the news, early 2012, about a Canadian study that reveals the superior physical and mental fitness of mice fed full vitamin supplements with their regular food. To most followers of a healthy lifestyle, it comes as no surprise that given the combination of our nutrient-depleted food supply, erratic access to fresh food, and our challenged digestive systems, most of us will benefit from individualized vitamin supplementation to ensure the healthiest life we can have.

Solutions for Coughs and Bronchitis

Even when reassured that your nagging cough is harmless, the nagging part is no fun at all. Interrupting meals, conversations, and worst of all – sleep, a week or two of coughing is more than most people can tolerate. Natural treatments abound, and it's challenging to identify healing choices.


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