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Squash That Sugar Craving

sugar craving

As a bona fide sweet tooth, it's difficult to bypass the oatmeal cookies for a carrot stick. Considering the not-so-hot side effects of sugar, however, we all totally should. Whether it's high fructose corn syrup, brown sugar, or straight-up refined white sugar, none of those sweet things are good for you.

You know sugar can cause you to gain weight, but did you also know it's a culprit in many other illnesses as well? Diabetes immediately comes to mind, and sugar can also cause heart disease and possibly even cancer. That huge slice of chocolate cake isn't sounding so great anymore, is it?Okay, so perhaps it still does, even with all of the warnings, and everything we know about the pitfalls of chowing down on sugar. After all, we've been raised to look at sugar as a delicious treat, and the more we eat, the more we want. But you can change your sweets consumption by substituting healthier options that still give you that sweetness you crave.

By eating fruits and vegetables with natural sugars, your body will feel satiated and eventually, you'll be able to wean yourself off your daily milkshake. The best substitutes are the ones you like the most, for obvious reasons. Yet here's a list of ten more foods that can help you kick sugar to the curb, and give you the added bonus of vitamins and fiber.

Sweet potatoes/Yams
Apples/Applesauce with no sugar added
Berries: Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries
Honeydew melon
Nut butter with no sugar added

Stock up, and the next time you reach for a sweet treat grab one of these delicious food subs instead.


Image by angelrravelor/Flickr