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Hypertension: Controversy Resolved

In a way, high blood pressure is like every other health problem: it can usually be resolved through lifestyle changes. When those don’t work, attending to some systemic problems (lack of sleep, low thyroid, and others) can often solve the problem. Supplementation directed by a knowledge of genetics and general supplement principles is a good next step. As a last resort, pharmaceuticals may be needed. Prescriptions for hormones are the most physiological type of intervention; actual drugs are the last step and while they can save lives, they all come with unwanted side effects varying from minor to life-threatening.


What Is Known About Hypertension
Healthy Steps: Hypertension—First Steps
Healthy Steps: Hypertension—Full Program

You were feeling just fine, not even thinking when the dentist offered to check your blood pressure, obviously not the cause of your visit. Imagine everyone's surprise when the number came out definitely high: 160/100. Not just a little high, but getting into the range of dangerously high. “Oh, wait your cuff must be off. My blood pressure is never that high!”

You check your blood pressure (BP) again with your own cuff, at your doctor's, at the local pharmacy: incredible, it keeps reading high: 150-160/85-105.

“But I can't have high blood pressure; I feel fine!”

The story in the middle may vary, but the last sentence written above is almost always true: blood pressure creeps up without giving the least signal that something is off.