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Dealing with Depression

What Is Known About Depression
Healthy Steps: Depression—First Steps
Healthy Steps: Depression—Full Program
Preventing Depression
From Dr. Deborah's Desk

Not to be confused with sadness lingering after a grievous loss, depression arises without apparent cause and drains us of vitality and casts a gloomy pall on everything we experience and do. It makes the simplest tasks seem daunting and can leave us feeling helpless, hopeless, and alone.

If you experience such feelings, you've got company: A 2010 U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study revealed that 10% of adult Americans suffer from depression, making it one of the most common psychiatric disorders.

Solutions for Eczema

What Is Known: The True Cause of Eczema
Healthy Steps: Eczema—First Steps
Healthy Steps: Eczema—Full Program
Preventing Eczema
From Dr. Deborah's Desk

Updated December 8, 2012

Scratch, scratch, "don't scratch!"

If you've ever wished you could unzip from your old skin and step into a brand-new epidermis for one night just so you could get some sleep, you are probably all too familiar with the itchy, bumpy, blistery, crackling rash known as eczema. While you can't make like a snake and shed your existing skin, there are some simple steps you can take to naturally treat the eczema, alleviating the problem from the inside out.