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Wound Healing

Wound HealingAbrasions, cuts, scratches, and puncture wounds to the skin are all part of inhabiting a tender body in a world of sharp, rough-edged objects. Over a lifetime, most of us will endure hundreds of wounds, ranging from paper cuts and scraped knees to incisions incurred during surgery.

Fortunately, the body has the ability to repair virtually any wound, no matter how severe. From a philosophical perspective, observing how a wound heals is a good opportunity to learn to trust in the innate healing power of the body. It's a remarkable process that takes place without any effort on our part, although what we do-or don't do-affects the speed of healing, and the resulting appearance of scars, if any.

In the realm of wound treatments, some ancient remedies-such as applying a dressing of honey-are being rediscovered and proven to be remarkably effective, even when used for notoriously difficult-to-treat wounds such as diabetic ulcers. Other old-fashioned remedies, though, such as iodine and hydrogen peroxide, have been deemed to be unnecessarily harsh for delicate skin tissue and appear to be more harmful than helpful.

Your HealthWorks' approach to wound healing encourages the body's natural healing ability through supplying good nutrition and supportive natural topical remedies. By treating wounds promptly and properly, you can prevent infection and minimize scarring.

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