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No one is perfect, and I'll include myself in that imperfect grouping! I've been struggling recently with my only serious and chronic health condition: given the least bit of stress (oh there are many options here) or excitement (good or bad,... [read more]
I'm excited (and yes of course a little bit nervous!) to announce that I'm expanding my practice to include a cognition-focused practice, working with another physician and a team of health coaches, and hopefully someday soon a nutritionist!  As... [read more]
You have to be close to my age to recognize the lyrics taken from Guys and Dolls, an influential movie of my childhood, a story for another day. How the song goes is something like, yes I can wish you riches and good luck, but More I cannot... [read more]
What an interesting coincidence: as I was collecting a variety of newsy articles that were of interest to me this month, I was struck by something they all have in common. Each article interested me because of the associated health condition.... [read more]
Which type are you? Gretchen Rubin is a lawyer by education, but a student of human nature by choice. Perhaps inspired by her own moment of awakening (she read the work of Gary Taubes, realized a low carbohydrate diet made sense, and changed 100% ... [read more]
I routinely recommend that my patients consider obtaining their raw genetic data from, choosing either the Ancestry package ($99) or the Health and Ancestry package ($199). Both options analyze about 750,000 genes out of about 3,000,000... [read more]
Do you want to lose body fat, gain muscle, all without going on any kind of a diet? If you are a postmenopausal woman, I have a tip for you. In a properly designed (randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled) study, researchers studied 81... [read more]
Pretty much guaranteed that public advice based on "the latest research" will fall into the category I would call misguided at best and unethically stupid at its worst. The latest jaw dropping suggestion came from my alma mater, the University of... [read more]
My good friend Gene returned recently from ten days with her lovely grandsons: delighted but exhausted. We shared a good laugh about how glad we are to not have young children now. We can be mothers of adults and grandparents to wee ones, but... [read more]
Pet peeve: speaking with folks about nutritional choices and hearing the insistence that “everything in moderation” is the sensible way to go. First objection: most people who say this (you know who you are!) have already made choices that reveal... [read more]