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Everyone's talking about it: red meat is bad for you! So says a study out of the Harvard School of Public Health published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. Does that change anything I believe about what's good for us to eat?Sorry, but Harvard... [read more]
“Plant peas in February” is the rule I've heard living in Southern Oregon. Last year that didn't work at all, as our wet spring rotted out every planted pea until things began to dry out in May. After a slow start the peas burst out of the ground,... [read more]
People often ask me how frequently they should work out. Unfortunately there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer. Important factors to consider include current fitness level, goal, type and intensity of exercise and available time.Whether you are new... [read more]
Dr. Robert Lustig from the University of California, San Francisco (my alma mater!) is gaining notoriety this week for calling attention to the serious health hazards of sugar. The most accessible read is in the online version of The Atlantic. He... [read more]
Today I was proud of my training as a Family Physician when I read an article from the Journal of the American Board of Family Practice about melanoma. The article investigated what has been a very unpopular opinion that a minority of physicians... [read more]
Like a building with a poor foundation, a body with poor posture is less resistant to strains and injuries. Poor posture often develops because of habitual, incorrect movements and patterns. Most of us struggle with muscle pain and limited range of... [read more]
Once I get past his hysterical introductions, I often find something of interest in the columns of Dr. Joe Mercola. One of his many columns this week linked calcium intake to breast cancer. The title caught my eye, because of my interest in breast... [read more]
Unless you grew up in a home where traditional Indian cooking was the norm, you may not be totally familiar with ghee, or clarified butter. In fact, you may be thinking that clarified butter sounds awfully artery clogging, and avoid it completely.... [read more]
Having just dined on a delicious pork loin with a polenta and kale accompaniment, the first thing I did when I got home was to figure out how to make this dish in my own kitchen. Packed with protein and incredible nutrients, this naturally gluten-... [read more]
In a charged emotional setting or intense decision-making time, you’ve probably gotten the sometimes frustrating but generally accurate piece of advice: “listen to your gut.” Idiomatically, your friends mean that deep within yourself, you’ll have... [read more]