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Ahh, crisp October air, leaves are brilliant and there is just a hint of chill in the air. Love this season, with the longer, darker and sleepier nights and a change of fresh produce in the store. Yes, I think tomato season went by all too quickly... [read more]
The first of a series We are outliving our ancestors, but are we outliving them well? An editorial in today’s The Lancet (17 October 2015) raises the question of health care adequacy for the unprecedented increased lifespans... [read more]
Some time ago, I posted a blog titled simply "Trouble In Paradise." Now I sadly must add a Part Two to what I hope will be a very limited series of articles. The current dilemma started entirely within the Weston A. Price Foundation and... [read more]
Sad truth about most exercise resolutions: they’re temporary. The most important choice about an exercise program is finding one that gives enough reward to make it stick, which usually means finding one that is actually enjoyable. Strategies... [read more]
For someone who practices individualized medicine, it may be surprising that there are two tests I think almost everyone should have. Oh yes, you should check your blood pressure, and know the general parameters of the broadly available tests:... [read more]
Our brains have a predictable growth in physical size and mental capacity throughout our youth and an expected decline in both as we age. What we have discovered from testing humans with cognitive challenges is that our brain is actually capable of... [read more]
I returned to Austin in April for my third attendance at PaleoF(x), the largest and most complex gathering of Paleo physicians, enthusiasts, athletes, chefs, and those just curious about the possibilities. Many sessions were informative and... [read more]
Perhaps one shouldn’t be eating pork at all? The Bible, and some biblically based nutritionists, believe that the meat from pigs is unavoidably contaminated by their willingness to eat almost anything. If a pig has eaten something rotten, maybe... [read more]
Several times a day, I find myself discussing chemistry and currency with my patients. The chemistry part is to describe what comprises a methyl group: a carbon atom with three atoms of hydrogen attached to it. And though I know nothing really... [read more]
Letting you in on a secret, here’s one of my pet peeves: men or pre-menopausal women writing about hormones. Typically they omit the subject of post-menopausal hormones, OR if they do cover them, their conclusion is to use as little as possible for... [read more]