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Have you tried Bulletproof Coffee (also known as butter coffee), the brainchild of Bulletproof Executive Dave Asprey? I was reluctant to try it, conjuring images of fermented yak butter forming an oily slick on weak tea. I not only loved it right... [read more]
Have you ever opened one of my newsletters, only to quickly close it when you see an article suggesting you’re doing something wrong? Does reading articles on the internet contribute to a growing case of hypochondria (“Oh, no, maybe I have that... [read more]
Living in my tipi in the early 1970’s, we might have said we were “tuning in to our bodies” when we tried to figure out if being a vegetarian was a good idea, or if a particular job was taking too great a toll on our health. Ten years ago we would... [read more]
As a clinician I know that common sense is an incredibly reliable tool: it’s most likely that the patient returned from a back-packing trip has abdominal pain and diarrhea because of some exposure from the trip. As a clinical I also know that... [read more]
One thing that every woman knows is that we become almost invisible at menopause! We can walk alone with impunity because we are rarely noticed. Evidently our invisibility extends to the medical eye. I was listening to one of my favorite and... [read more]
A recent article in the British Medical Journal is gathering public attention. The easiest article to access appears on the Huffington Post and is quite sane in both title and content: “Red Meat Possibly Linked to Breast Cancer.” The... [read more]
Can we wrap our minds around a new paradigm? The paradigm is actually not new: it was first articulated in recent history by Gary Taubes, in Good Calories, Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat. (Read one of Taubes’ books for the historical... [read more]
Per reader request, I started off the PaleoFx weekend by attending John Kiefer’s talk on timing carb consumption: when we eat carbs can have a tremendous effect on our health in general and our efforts to lose excess body fat in particular. And for... [read more]
Thursday through Sunday, April 10-13th, PaleoF(x)2014 takes place in Austin and it looks like a great schedule. Almost every single time slot has more than one presentation I’m hoping to attend. There are only two presentations I know right now I... [read more]
While we’ve been busy taking apart the seriously flawed article indicting meat, we have missed celebrating a very welcome article. An editorial in an online journal called Open Heart, affiliated with the British Medical Journal, summarizes almost... [read more]