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Thursday through Sunday, April 10-13th, PaleoF(x)2014 takes place in Austin and it looks like a great schedule. Almost every single time slot has more than one presentation I’m hoping to attend. There are only two presentations I know right now I... [read more]
While we’ve been busy taking apart the seriously flawed article indicting meat, we have missed celebrating a very welcome article. An editorial in an online journal called Open Heart, affiliated with the British Medical Journal, summarizes almost... [read more]
(Welcome back to guest blogger, Anna Rose-McComb, who has a message for us all.) One of my favorite things about being a personal trainer is the personal interaction and relationship I get to build with each client as he or she charts their way... [read more]
February is officially Heart Disease Awareness Month, but since I don’t treat disease on this website, but rather help you to be as healthy as possible, I officially decree that in our world, February is Heart Health Awareness Month! And in honor... [read more]
Decades ago, my eccentric Uncle (J Ward) produced several notable cartoon programs, starting with Crusader Rabbit, moving on to Rocky and Bullwinkle, Fractured Flickers – you get the idea. His idea was to produce cartoon shows that adults could... [read more]
I have written before about sarcopenia which I see as an increasing problem among folks as we age, seriously impacting quality of life when it becomes significant. We naturally lose muscle bulk (and effectiveness) as we age, a loss that leads to... [read more]
… and Their Better SubstitutesWhen applied to bombs, the adjective “dirty” implies the presence of radioactive material in addition to conventional explosives, the radioactivity serving to contaminate the area of the bomb, making it inhospitable to... [read more]
Snowed in this weekend meant movie-time, and one jewel we watched was The Company You Keep, directed by and starring Robert Redford, about some proverbial legal chickens coming home to roost decades later for some 1970’s-era radicals. By surrender... [read more]
Of the various medical freebies I receive in the mail, I only read two of them. One is the monthly American Family Physician, which enables me to do continuing education at home, so I can pursue my serious education at non-accredited conferences on... [read more]
Sauté two free-range chicken eggs, in 2 tablespoons of butter, over a very low flame. Top with an excellent quality sea salt, perhaps seasoned with seaweed flakes, slide out of the pan into a bowl, so you can scoop up all the yolk with a spoon.... [read more]