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What I publish on DrDeborahMD embodies what I think of as Sensible Medicine. We offer you a partnership in health, similar to what I offer patients at my medical practice. Similar to most doctors, I perform a wide variety of jobs around the office... [read more]
Are you a busy college student with no time to prepare a meal? Grabbing a nutrition bar seemed to me a good compromise, but boy was I wrong.Like many other college students, finding a healthy snack to eat while walking from class to class - a snack... [read more]
Well hello! My name is Meghann Sterling, your typical 22 year old college senior, with the usual degree of feeling invincible and taking zero ownership of the decisions I make today and their effects on me later. At the moment, however, I’m trying... [read more]
In the past few years, nutrition has become a controversial subject. To some it's political or ethical, and to some it may be the construct on which they base their lifestyle. To me, nutrition is an important and basic foundation of how I want to... [read more]
Some people understand how a low carb-eating plan can help them lose weight, balance their hormones, and reduce inflammation, and  are easily able to make an instant change. However, other folks encounter obstacles with this process.My patient Jean... [read more]
While we hear about the importance of core strengthening, I like to think about it as core conditioning. By conditioning I mean correcting muscle imbalances; strengthening the weak areas, creating flexibility and increased range of motion in tight... [read more]
There are two objections to this concept. First, it goes against everything we've ever been told about weight loss. Every bit of dietary advice suggests we cut the fat out of everything we eat and drink. It's difficult to imagine that we can eat... [read more]
As I said in my last blog, simple rules don't always translate to simple implementation. The straightforward principles of our Weight Loss Eating Plan are not difficult to explain.Presented with the plan, some people can cut grains and sugar out of... [read more]
The sun beat down on us as we clamored across the boulder field of Shasta-Trinity granite. It was hot, and the shade at McDonald Lake where we'd eaten lunch seemed a distant memory. Our backpacks were laden down with sleeping bags and food; no... [read more]
In my opinion, the best workout is one that provides functional strength. One that trains your body to pull, push, balance, hop, step, twist, bend, reach -- all the things that we do in our daily activities and sports.While these types of movements... [read more]