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Childrens' Health Alarm

Two new statistics, updating the incidence of autism to 1 in 50 in the US currently and that of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to 1 in . The map of ADHD incidence is interesting - the rates vary sharply across the US. What I find particularly interesting is the similarity in shading between the ADHD map and this one illustrating the trends in obesity. There is no coincidence here: what we feed our children and feed ourselves is toxic, causing hyperactivity in children and chronic illness in adults. Or as one speaker (I believe it was Dr. Terry Wahls) at the recent Paleo FX said something along the lines of, "If you want your kids to be sick mentally and physically, just keep feeding them processed food, fast food, and sugar." 

How will we as a nation get serious about our health until we change how we feed ourselves? There is little hope for our collective health recovery unless we start eating homegrown food (ours or our farmer's), and avoiding what is packaged, processed and sold to us for a hefty profit. 

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