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Diet Sustainability

One of the variables hardest to study in a diet is sustainability: many different eating plans result in short-term weight loss, but which can keep you satisfied for the long haul? Recent studies, including this one, have found a Paleo Diet superior to other options in the treatment of type 2 diabetics. On the Paleo Diet, diabetics lose more weight and improve their laboratory tests as well. Blood sugar and cardiovascular markers all improved following a Paleo Diet, namely one that avoids grains, legumes, and dairy, while relying on all forms of meat, vegetables, eggs, and nuts. The study described here also queried the dieters regarding their experience of the diets, in this case a Paleo Diet compared to a Diabetic Diet. The Paleo Diet was seen as more satiating, more effective in blood sugar control and weight loss, but more difficult to adhere to.