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Dr. Deborah's View

I came up with the idea for a blog when I walked outside one day and was assaulted by someone's offensively perfumed dryer sheet and thought I would write about Local Pollutions. Then I went to my office where the delivery truck was dropping off fresh spring water in glass jugs (we just pay for the delivery, the water is free). So I thought Local Pollutions, Local Solutions, but that became too limited a thought scape in my mind, when really I like to rant and rave about anything and everything. So that's what I'm here to do.

The media has their take on what's going on, but there's also Deborah's take. I remember a while back when they were reporting that multivitamins cause cancer. That wasn't entirely accurate; it was the mineral content in certain multivitamins that cause cancer. Three days later, they all came back and said “Oh yeah, it's the mineral content.” I could have told you that, and now I have a place to.

DrDeborahMD was conceived as a no-nonsense resource for your health, and my blog will be a no-nonsense perspective on what's going around us; whether it be in the news, in our communities, or in our personal lives. We have some wonderful contributing writers who will also be posting to this blog, touching on everything from new research for us to look at to new recipes for us to try.I hope as with the rest of this site, you'll take advantage and check in with us as we check in with the world around us.

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