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Fluoride Compromises Children's I.Q.

Once the realm of "kooks", the criticisms of fluoride as a drug additive to public drinking water have gained respectability. As described by Dr. Mercola in The Huffington Post, a recent study performed at Harvard University, funded by the National Institutes of Health, compares evidence available from 27 previously published studies. Twenty-seven! The scientists analysed the data and found them suggestive that fluoride may be a developmental neurotoxin, affecting children's brain development at exposures much below those that would cause toxicity in adults.

Although the scientists suggest that only further research can confirm the certainty of the problem, they provide enough reason for alarm in their findings to suggest that action take place before the final results are in. If there were ever a situation in which we should apply the "Precautionary Principle", it's certainly our drinking water and the health of our children's brains.

Incredibly, 70 percent of the US still adds fluoride - the toxic residue from aluminum manufacturing, not even sodium fluoride - to public drinking water. So I hope you live in a place that has already scrubbed fluoride from its drinking water; if not, perhaps your municipal water supplier can consider this latest news and clean up your water!

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