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Full Fat Dairy Prevails

Ah, yes, full fat dairy prevails! It’s hard to identify the origins of the consistent health recommendation to select low-fat over full-fat dairy. Despite recent findings that children are healthier on full-fat dairy (they are more likely to have metabolic disurbance on low-fat), schools are still encouraged to select low fat. Although fat has been “cleared” of any association with heart disease, people are still encouraged to select low fat options.
A new study from Australia looked more carefully at the presumed association between full-fat dairy foods and cardiovascular disease. What they found is reported in the British Journal of Nutrition.
When inflammatory were checked following low-fat vs full-fat dairy consumption, and full-fat dairy vs full-fat fermented dairy. In fact the concentrations of 6 of the 8 markers of inflammation were higher on the low-fat dairy diet, and lower for fermented dairy. (Pass the cheese, please.) And there was no inflammatory advantage for low-fat over full-fat. 
The recurrent theme over the last 40 years of dietary advice is that we have misguidedly reduced fat which reduced flavor and satiety, which we searched for by adding more sugars (carbohydrates). We have one more study showing that it hasn’t helped.