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Happy Holidaze!

**Wrapping up the holidays, I have extended my discount code to you. All prices in my online store are 10% discounted with the coupon HCPC416HOLIDAY. Follow through with that New Year's intention to take good care of yourself!!***

We are definitely in holiday season, and so it’s time for my annual reminder: take good care of yourself during the holiday season. You’ll be rewarded with a happier mood, better sleep, and a less stressful January, without all those additional gym hours or dietary restrictions that December party-goers might face.

I’m not saying forego parties, but rather put on your own oxygen mask first.

Give yourself a gift this season: get a massage, see a movie, indulge in a spa treatment, or just read a good book curled up with a good view of the outside stormy weather. Make wise choices about food and drink and remember to exercise, preferably outside, well-bundled against the weather.

My Gift To You

I want to help you keep yourself healthy, so this time of the year I always discount all supplements by 10%, both online and in my office, from December 7th to January 7th.

·      If you’re local, just come on in – the discount will be automatically applied.

·      In my online store, write in the code HCPC416HOLIDAY and 10% will be taken off your total shopping bag.

Thank you for being part of 2015 with me and I look forward to our ongoing learning and celebrating all things good in 2016.



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