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Homeopathic Self Care

To some people, “homeopathy” implies the whole range of alternative health treatments, including herbs, supplements, and perhaps even acupuncture. However, if you've actually seen a homeopathic remedy, you most likely have seen a tiny vial of little white pills with an unusual name. Homeopathic remedies are in fact made from every sort of substance imaginable-animal, plant, and mineral. In the type of homeopathy I have practiced for the last twenty years, each remedy is made from just one substance, and the remedy's name derives from the Latin designation for the original substance. The remedy made from the English daisy, for example, takes the flower's Latin name, Bellis Perennis.

No one truly knows how homeopathic remedies work, but there are millions of people who believe that they do work. Because homeopathic remedies are made by dilution past the ability to find any of the original substance, many scientists insist that any efficacy is impossible to attribute to the homeopathic treatment. They therefore credit any health benefit to a placebo or sugar pill effect. Homeopaths, on the other hand, see the dilution as the explanation for the extremely low incidence of side effects with homeopathic remedies. For instance, mercury has certain medicinal properties, but its toxic effects make it unusable as a health treatment, except as a homeopathic remedy-where dilution is so great that there is less mercury (by far!) than in a standard flu shot.

I not only enjoy but am committed to rational evaluation of all topics related to health, and that includes homeopathy. I'll be happy to keep you up-to-date with evaluation of research in the homeopathic field. I want to offer you completely natural and safe means to help your body heal from problems you may have, from winter illness to acute indigestion. I have seen prompt and satisfying results to a broad range of health issues with the correct homeopathic remedy. encourages you to select the homeopathic remedy that matches your symptoms and thereby help your body heal itself.

In the relevant Health Topics, I include a user-friendly guide for selecting the appropriate remedy for your particular winter illness. Influenza, for instance, will frequently plague you with a headache, fever, and body aches. But are you thirsty or not? Do you thirst for hot drinks or cold? Are you irritable or weepy? Such details help you narrow your choice of the correct remedy. Each set of homeopathic remedies lists the most pertinent symptoms in bullet format for easy reading. Any homeopathic remedy may be used by men or women, adults or children, boys or girls, so we use both genders in the remedy descriptions.

Match your symptoms to the description that fits your circumstances best under one of the remedies. Line up a second or third choice, but go with one homeopathic remedy at a time.

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