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I'm Going, Are You?

The annual Wise Traditions Conference is less than a month away, and I just learned that they still have openings for you if you are thinking of going!

The meeting is held in downtown Atlanta this year, which I've always wanted to see, but I'll have to concede I probably won't see much of the city's charms. Perhaps a venture out on Sunday evening, but other than that, I won't be torn away from the presentations. The full schedule is pretty incredible and the choices are often difficult. I'm looking forward to a Joel Salatin - Joe Mercola debate on GMO labeling. Free thinker that he is, Joel Salatin opposes government interference, and Joe Mercola is defending our right to know!

It's always good to hear at least one talk from Sally Fallon, even if it's material I think I know, and Stephanie Seneff will open areas of inquiry that will definitely be new. I've heard Louisa Williams speak once before, and will try to catch one of her talks.

I promise that whatever I bring home that's of interest and value will appear somewhere on this site as soon as I can get it up! And if any of you are on Twitter, I imagine the hashtag to follow on November 8-11 will be #WP2013, and I'll post on my FB page through the weekend. 

Or, see you there?!

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