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Meditation Eases Anxiety and Depression

You can do it almost anywhere, any time, and it might help. I've mentioned meditation several places and recommend it as a method to soothe jangled nerves, ease sleep problems and help focus your mind. 

Dr. Madhav Goyal from Johns Hopkins recently published a review article affirming from clinical research that meditation seems to relieve anxiety and depression symptoms at a rate comparable to the effect seen with anti-depressants. They surveyed the results of 47 previous clinical trials to reveal that the meditation seemed to help, practiced for 30-40 minutes a day, and - unlike the medications to which it was compared - had no adverse side effects.

Dr. Goyal joins a long line of advocates reminding fellow physicians that gentle lifestyle measures can often work just as well, with less cost and side effect, than what the pharmaceutical industry would like us to prescribe. 

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