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Mind, Body, and Soul

As complex beings, we respond to influences far beyond the simple fuels we put in our mouths. We move for the pure joy of motion and to train ourselves to run a marathon, and each of those actions affects us differently. I encourage you to direct your activities specifically to meet health goals and to pay attention to the effects of your actions. 

Fitness has a broad meaning that can include not only muscular strength and endurance, but also mood, vitality and our own sustainability. Just as we learn a new step from a dance teacher, so can we learn effective means of keeping our minds, bodies and souls happy, healthy and in harmony with the world around us.

Just as activity can take many forms, so can quiet, and so is quiet valuable. Whether you meditate - and there is ever-increasing research to support the benefit of some form of meditation - or walk your dog, or simply take in the wonder of nature, there is a valuable role for intentional "down time" in our lives.

In this section, I want to partner with you in your quest for healthy harmony in your life.