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"Oops we were wrong"

That apology is what should be coming out of the US Department of Agriculture in concert with the US Department of Health and Human Services. Turns out 40 years of telling people to restrict dietary fat and put a strict limit on dietary cholesterol were ill-founded and resulted in more, not less, cardiovascular disease.

New guidelines: no upper limit on cholesterol, that would be eggs and shellfish, two of nature's best foods. (Did you know the recommendation HAS been to have no more than one a day? You'll still find some die-hards, mostly from Harvard I imagine, clinging to the past on that one.) No upper limit on dietary fat, just eat good fat. 

The federal estimate is that more than 70% of the American population consumes too many refined grain products, lingering as they do beneath a falsely applied halo of health benefit. Not only no good, and no dietary necessity, but most likely significant degrees of harm. 

But you probably know all of that. I just wanted to make sure you know, it's official: no limit on eggs, shellfish or dietary fat. Use that fancy french bread as nothing more than a way to convey butter to your mouth. 

I'm excited to hear the news, looking forward to greater advances in nutritional research, and not holding my breath waiting for the government to apologize!

Here's a nice review of the guidelines, and if you're really ambitious, here's the full report

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