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Plastic Can Make You Fat

Although it was not long ago that we looked at a comprehensive list of toxins in the environment that can make you sick, check the list out here, I just had to admit that a picture can be worth a thousand words, as in Sunday's Op Ed piece by Nicholas Kristof. Or as he puts it, "Warnings From a Flabby Mouse".  (Just imagine what all the laboratory rats over the last 5 decades could tell us if they could talk!) He details the amazing burden on our national health, physical and economic, levied by our highly toxic and largely unregulated environment. Pesticides, BPA (found in plastics and most cash register receipts!), phthalates in cosmetics and shampoos should be avoided, particularly by children and women of childbearing age. Organic foods can also reduce exposure to "obesogenic" toxins. Kristof encourages us, as we removed lead from gasoline, to boost research and pass the Safe Chemicals Act. Hats off, great column!

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