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Sleep and Smile

Has depression ever interrupted your sleep? Recent research suggests that it also works the other way around, that sleep problems can aggravate depression and sweeter sleep makes it easier for you to bounce back from your depression. 

Candian researchers report from Ryerson University in Toronto, that 87% of depressed patients who were able to resolve their insomnia with four bi-weekly talk therapy sessions, experience resolution of their depression symptoms, (important point ahead!!) whether they were receiving medication or a placebo for their depression. (When "nothing" works as well as a pill, my advice is always to take nothing!)

The sleep therapy was very simple, focusing on practical changes and common sense. Insomniacs were advised to adhere to a consistent wake-up time, getting out of bed if they were too awake to sleep, and saving their bed-time for sleep or intimate contact. They were also told to eliminate daytime catch-up napping. I would add to that: no screen (TV or computer) time in the last hour before bed, and balance your blood sugar if you are subject to blood sugar highs and lows during the day. 


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