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Statins Again

OK, I have no idea whether statin drugs look anything like the pills in the picture, but what is a greater mystery to me: why isn't the world jumping up and down about the article published last month suggesting unexpected adverse effects from statins, exactly in the areas where it was hoped they were the greatest benefit?

Citing plausible mechanisms - namely that statins interfere with the synthesis of vitamin K2, that traffic director protecting arteries from calcification - the authors wonder if it is precisely the flood of statin prescriptions that has fueled the epidemics of congestive heart failure (that's the statins interrupting CoQ10 production) and atherosclerosis (K2's job to prevent) that we observe all around us.

I'll try to get the article (not publicly released), but it appears to be theoretical rather than observational. And a hefty physiological accusation at statins: if statins mess around with our bodies' own defense mechanisms, how can they be doing us any good?

If anyone sees a response to this article, I'd love to know about it!

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