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Strong Again

We don't need to read any statistics, we all know that there are way too many disabled veterans in this country, and that they don't seem to be getting any effective help.

Right now, everything changes. Inspired by the success of a local veteran--Victor Birdseye, who went from disabled vet to CrossFit instructor in 2015--we are starting a great project. We will offer, free of charge, to five disabled military veterans, a complete rehab program. No, they don't have to travel to some regional hospital. They stay in their own homes and join us for 12 weeks. Doesn't sound like a long period of time, but we think it's enough.

We'll check blood tests before we start. I'll meet with the veterans and their families and teach them about healthy eating--that's my job and I'm starting with a true Paleo Diet! We'll give them whatever supplements we determine are needed to support their individual metabolism as well as better stress management and natural sleep skills. No more sleeping pills on my watch. The veterans will undergo a complete physical fitness assessment, and then attend three CrossFit classes a week, with enough instructors to individualize for specific disabilities. We'll repeat the blood and fitness testing after 12 weeks.

I'm betting on the veterans: I think they are ready to work hard and I think they'll receive a payoff for their efforts.

We'd love your help, check out our Indiegogo campaign. If you can donate, great, thank you! If donation doesn't work for you, please share the campaign with others who you think might be interested. One by one, we can build this.


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