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Sustainable Living

Every day we read about some environmental scare or disaster. Many of us feel helpless: climate change, deforestation, toxic dump sites, nuclear waste, ocean health. The list goes on and on. And, of course we all need to address these planetary health issues. However, our immediate environments can be just as important to our personal health and energy. We're talking about our homes - where we eat, sleep, and spend time with friends and family. Sure, we're all aware that our home environments have strong impacts on our health, but researching and then implementing solutions can seem overwhelming. We'll sort through the issues and provide some clear thoughts on the controversies.

In these pages, we'll explore topics that will educate you on how your home environment affects your physical and mental well-being. Topics range from large ones like the water you drink and the air you breathe (subtopics will include water systems, air filtration and venting).

Our environments are also rife with less obvious hazards. New technologies with synthetic and chemical solutions have increased the comfort and convenience of daily life, but many of them pollute our homes with harmful substances. I am interested in healthy choices for the personal care products, household cleaners, air fresheners, home furnishings, and more that can help maintain your good health.

You'll learn which products can adversely affect your skin health, lungs, eyes, and other organs. You'll also learn what products can aid in revitalizing your health. You can keep the benefits and convenience of consumer products and technology by replacing the toxicity of many products with healthy ones.

My goal is to help you navigate the complex world in which we live and to build a personal environment that is healthy for you and healthy for the planet. maintains that with full information and choice, we can all live in healthy home and global environments.