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Wheat Belly Indeed!

“Amber waves of grain” we sing, believing that wheat has been and perhaps should be a part of American identity. William Davis, in his New York Times bestselling book, Wheat Belly, tells us that wheat has changed and, in his opinion, is no longer worthy of “staff of life” designation, in fact it would better be called “stuff of lies,” offering more physiological harm than benefit.

His argument has seemed true to millions of people who have shed pounds, inches and gastrointestinal distress when they eliminated wheat from their diets. And indeed, wheat has been hybridized to make it taller, denser, and thus more easily harvested by the big machines of modern agribusiness. But has the change in wheat’s appearance changed its substance, where’s the science?

Here’s the science! In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers divided a group of 20 people with irritable bowel syndrome into two wings and fed them either conventionally made wheat products or foods made from ancient wheat. During the study, the lucky participants on ancient wheat enjoyed their bread products and noted a significant decrease in their IBS symptoms. Simultaneously laboratory assays of inflammatory markers in their blood showed marked improvement.

Ancient wheat growers, here is your opportunity! Lets see breads made from einkorn, emmer, spelt, kamut, red fife and triticale wheat! (Photo and list found through Natural Family

And if you personally have IBS, see if you can find either the grains (grind them yourself and make the bread) or bread made from them and tell me how well you tolerate them!

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