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Yogurt Protective Against Fast Food?

So far the research has just been done in mice, but it’s a provocative study, given that we’re learning more every day about the critical role played by the nature of the friendly bacteria living in our intestines. Well, friendly or not so friendly.

Turns out that if you’re a mouse, and hell-bent on chowing down some fast food, you’re likely to gain just the kind of body fat that is hazardous for health, mouse or human: abdominal fat associated with  certain kinds of inflammatory markers. If, however, you sneak in some yogurt (of course I would recommend organic, full-fat, plain yogurt, from raw milk if possible!) or just some Lactobacillus reuteri… you can maintain your trim figure despite your calorie count.

This is not license  to head out to ______________ (better left unsaid) , but rather a suggestion to stay tuned to this space. Chris Kresser ( ) has said that if the 20th century was the Era of Antibiotics, the 21st century will be the Era of Probiotics. We will be learning a lot more about gut flora in the years to come.

Meanwhile, keep your own gut flora healthy by avoiding excessive sugars that feed the unfriendly flora, antibiotics which wantonly kill everyone, and by including fermented foods (yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut) and/or probiotics in your regular menu.