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Coughs & BronchitisCoughs account for more than 30 million visits to the doctor every year, and vie for number one status on the list of the most common health problems. A typical symptom of respiratory infections such as colds and flus, coughs are also the primary symptom of bronchitis, which is sometimes referred to as a “chest cold.” Although colds don't always lead to bronchitis, the two may be caused by the same virus and can exist simultaneously. Essentially, if you're coughing and don't have pneumonia, you have bronchitis. Air passageways in your chest are inflamed, swollen and producing mucus, which in turn triggers coughing.

Although coughs are undeniably annoying, the tendency to run to the doctor for an antibiotic won't help. The reason is that viruses cause the vast majority of coughs, and antibiotics fight bacteria, not viruses. (However, there are cases where antibiotics can be helpful, for example, in the case of persistent bronchitis or bronchitis accompanied by a high fever, both of which may indicate bacterial involvement. Remember though, that there are serious downsides to antibiotics. Healthy people can recover from bacterial infections without antibiotics or the human species wouldn't exist. But antibiotics are useful when an individual is not healthy enough to recover from an illness without the support of drugs.)

The truth is that a cough is actually a beneficial tool of your immune system. Many people share the common misperception that a cough should be suppressed. But in reality, coughing helps your body expel viruses and irritants. If you rely on drugs to halt your natural defense mechanisms, you interfere with your body's healing process-and in the long run, it will likely take you even longer to recover.

Meanwhile, what to do? A hacking cough disrupts sleep, saps vitality, and in the case of bronchitis, usually lasts for at least 2 weeks. Your HealthWorks' natural program outlined here will support your body's natural healing abilities, safely ease bronchitis symptoms, and speed your return to health.

Solutions for Coughs and Bronchitis

Even when reassured that your nagging cough is harmless, the nagging part is no fun at all. Interrupting meals, conversations, and worst of all – sleep, a week or two of coughing is more than most people can tolerate. Natural treatments abound, and it's challenging to identify healing choices.