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Food as Vitamins“Do I need to take supplements? I eat well.” If you grow all your own food for fresh eating, and eat a wide variety of meats, fish, fats, dairy, vegetables and fruits regularly, grown in gloriously healthy soil and you spend a few hours outside in the sun daily, you may be the exception.

Otherwise, the answer is YES, we all need to take supplements.  What do we need daily?  What do we need if we have a particular health problem?  Starting with some simple programs for routine supplement use, we will explore additional areas and keep you informed of the latest information about supplement truths and falsehoods, claims and controversies.



Magnesium is a chemical element that chemists refer to by the symbol Mg, but Mg never exists by itself anywhere on the planet. It is embedded in rocks, or molten in earth, or dissolved in seawater.

Magnesium is essential to life, found in every living cell and involved in every physiological process we rely on to live. Our energy currency is called ATP, and magnesium is essential for its production and utilization. Magnesium plays a vital role in the contraction and relaxation of muscles, including skeletal muscles, as well as the of the gastrointestinal tract, and muscles regulating blood flow, blood pressure and breathing passages. Our heart is a muscle, and regulation of the electrical and muscular function of the heart depends on magnesium. Optimal mental and emotional function require adequate magnesium for neurotransmitter and hormone production.


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