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CDC Weighs in on US Obesity

And the news isn't pretty. Even the healthiest states, the palest on the CDC map, have nothing to brag about. At a 20-25% obesity rate, any state should still be mortified and, more importantly, motivated. The CDC is the arm of the federal government usually devoted to infectious disease, as the Center for Disease Control. We no longer worry so much about infections as we worry about the human, medical and financial burden of our growing problem with obesity.

The common wisdom of Eat Less, Move More has been trumpeted from every health agency and many prominent individuals over the last forty years, and we have sunker deeper and deeper into the multi-faceted epidemic of obesity and all of its associated diseases. Along with obesity, and for the same reasons, we are enduring epidemics of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and perhaps more surprisingly: metabolic syndrome in people of normal weight AND malnutrition in normal and obese people. There are currently some good weight loss resources on this site, and I promise more to come. 


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