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Food Industry Not On Our Side, Really?

USDAAn international collaboration of researchers has specifically identified what we have all suspected, namely that the food and drink industries have an undue influence in shaping public health policy, and that their interests do not necessarily align with fact or logic. Currently allowed to regulate itself, the industry has ingratiated itself with health professionals, health agencies both public and private, and individual politicians to ensure an unobstructed path for its own promotion, regardless of health impacts. The researchers advised against using individuals or research associated with the industry, and should rather adopt a strategy of "raising awareness of their shady practices and maintaining active public pressure.

Let's hope this awareness is a nail in the coffin (might need a few more) of food industry's involvement in agricultural and health policy in the country. Unfortunately it's the same department, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, that is responsible for promoting the food industry and determining the national Dietary Guidelines. Remember that next time someone points to the USDA "My Plate" version of what we should be eating!