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Meet Meghann

Well hello! My name is Meghann Sterling, your typical 22 year old college senior, with the usual degree of feeling invincible and taking zero ownership of the decisions I make today and their effects on me later. At the moment, however, I’m trying to think about life from a different perspective, thinking about being healthy.

I am in my second to last term (237 days, but who’s counting), attending the Business School offered by Southern Oregon University. My major is Business Marketing with a minor in Psychology. I am interning for Your Healthworks this term and am working to launch a marketing campaign to lure my fellow peers in. I think being healthy can be easier and more satisfying than many of my peers believe. As well, the importance of starting a healthy lifestyle and being well educated is something every college student should try to grasp at their earliest convenience. Okay now that I’m off my soapbox, here’s the real me.

I am not the queen of health by any means. I enjoy socializing with my friends while enjoying a few drinks; I indulge in a hamburger (which I have learned is good, hold the bun) and french-fries (sorry, still bad for me) whenever I have an excuse and drink far too much caffeine. Sounds terrible I know. On a serious note, I can say though that I have learned more about being healthy than I ever knew existed and I’ve only been here for 4 weeks. I can honestly say there are some lifestyle changes that I have already made, simply based on the knowledge I have gained so far. I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and will follow me on this journey, destination still unknown.