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Nose Dive into Nose Dieting

Are you shocked to learn that people are taking drastic measures to lose weight?  A recent story in the Huffington Post reported that eager dieters, particularly glowing brides-to-be, are putting tubes down their noses to bypass eating as a means to lose weight. Are they are making a rational response to the illogic of most dietary advice? Who's more crazy, our quick fix society the drug companies invested in a perpetual search for the perfect drug?

Rapid weight loss by calorie restriction burns lean body mass primarily for days if not weeks before the body resorts to fat-burning to keep itself alive. The unfortunate patients will have wasted and weak muscles as their weight falls off.

The ironic truth is that the ketogenic aspect of the diet (little or no carbs) is an effective weight loss means without calorie restriction. Once people pass through what we call the Transition Period and become keto-adapted, the weight can come off with protein and fat eaten to satiety.

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