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A new word to me this year: obesogen, meaning environmental factors that act as endocrine disruptors in the realm of obesity. Previously identified hormone disruptors have mainly been estrogen analogues, turning male frogs into hermaphrodites, or... [read more]
Did you know that more than 200,000 women in the US are newly diagnosed with breast cancer each year?  We have long known that physical activity decreases breast cancer risk and that excess weight increases the risk, but recent research has... [read more]
The debate over municipal water fluoridation will enjoy its next major public appearance in the city of Portland, Oregon, where last fall the City Council approved a plan to fluoridate the city's water by 2014, and not long thereafter, Clean Water... [read more]
No, telomeres are not a new exotic vegetable to seek out at the market, but rather the little caps on the end of your own DNA, that protects the DNA from breaking into fragments or inadvertently connecting with another strand. Current research... [read more]
Scientists from my alma mater, University of California at San Francisco, have found and published the physical evidence of aging that correlates with what I hear from my patients. When I inquire about memory, many patients jump right to their... [read more]
Scientific studies have identified various ways in which cruciferous vegetables reduce the risk of breast cancer. Polish women who continue to eat cabbage more than three times a week after moving to the US, for instance, maintain a low risk... [read more]
A study in the journal of Nutrition compared metabolic marker changes in two groups of obese diabetic subjects. One group followed a low-calorie diet and the other group was on a low-carbohydrate, ketogenic diet (LCKD). Both groups had favorable... [read more]
A study in the journal Menopause, as reported in the New York Times, concludes that in an ethnically diverse population, women with an early (under the age of 46) menopause, had about double the incidence of heart disease and stroke as those women... [read more]
The big news of the week is the concession in Dean Ornish’s plea for healthy eating in this weekend’s New York Times. He has actually read the science, “A widely publicized study earlier this year showed that a low-carb Atkins-type diet might be a... [read more]
Conventional media has picked up a sliver of the Paleo, Low-Carb eating craze by interviewing, albeit briefly, Dr. William Davis on CBS This Morning, September 3, 2012. Congrats to them for addressing a small part of several controversies: the... [read more]