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Great news! First of all, quoting from the articleat Huffington Post, "while the demand for sustainable meat is booming, the industry is having difficulty keeping up." What a wonderful difficulty to have.In June a partnership of interested... [read more]
Researcher Susan E. Swithers has written in the journal Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism an attention-getting editorial reviewing the mounting evidence that frequent diet-sugar consumers may also be at risk for all the hazards of excess sugar... [read more]
When a serious group of researchers performs a meta-analysis of many already existing studies, screening them for quality and assessing the strength of their collective findings, I am always eager to see their findings. I was happy to read that... [read more]
A wonderful study by Guasch-Ferre and colleagues in Spain has evaluated the effect of nut consumption on mortality, including deaths from cardiovascular disease, cancer, and all-cause mortality. The researchers spent 4.8 years - not very long a... [read more]
An international collaboration of researchers has specifically identified what we have all suspected, namely that the food and drink industries have an undue influence in shaping public health policy, and that their interests do not necessarily... [read more]
It has long been known that statin use can cause musculoskeletal pain, particularly in users who do not supplement with CoQ10, a suggestion that should come from any physician or pharmacist who is still involved in urging people to take these... [read more]
News story in the headlines this week: concurrent with our ever increasing national waistline, we are indeed following the conventional medical advice. We are exercising more at the same time that we are weighing more! Not to mention that we have... [read more]
When public health officials suggest actions we can take to improve our own health and the health of their community, it is time that they start advocating for the purchase and consumption of meat that has not been treated with antibiotics. Cows... [read more]
An article posted online at BMJ (British Medical Journal) today reported the results of a meta-analysis involving over 800,000 participants and 20,000 breast cancer cases. What they found was that those who ate the most amount of omega 3's from... [read more]
Are you a milk drinker? I encourage my patients who enjoy milk to seek a source for reliable raw milk, despite the alarming reputation of the associated hazards. Raw milk is easier to digest, metabolically safer, and provides a legitimate boost to... [read more]