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The Long Wait of the Nation

I am amazed that most of the comments and the implications of Mr. Hoffman's writing is that fat people are gluttonous and slothful, somehow deficient as human beings, and that is why they are fat. He only excuses them because they are the victims of social pressure, rather than look at the dominant paradigm which for 50 years has repeated "eat less, move more" and "eat more grains" and "eat less fat" - and at least the latter two we have done - all in parallel with the obesity epidemic.

I am doubtful but I hope that the HBO Special is bold enough to consider the alternate hypothesis, namely that

  1. excess carbohydrate-driven (all according to dietary advice of the US government and medical experts) insulin excess locks up fat, prevents fat burning and encourages storage, deprives us of energy, literally, while gathering adipose tissue and that
  2. calories consumed in protein and (shocker:) mostly fat! do not cause weight gain.


Which might inspire a different response and solution to the problem of obesity.

  1. Say yes to protein and fat. The proteins and fats should once again be the proteins and fats that preceded animal containment and farmed fish - grass fed animal protein, cold water fish.
  2. Say yes to healthy fats  - organic and a mix of saturated, mono- and poly-unsaturated.
  3. Say no to amber waves of grain-containing bread, and sugar-spiked foods of all sorts.
  4. Watch the pounds come off.

Unless the upcoming HBO series is bold enough to change the paradigm, I am afraid we will still be waiting with the Weight of the Nation.

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