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Minor Rant

Ahh, crisp October air, leaves are brilliant and there is just a hint of chill in the air. Love this season, with the longer, darker and sleepier nights and a change of fresh produce in the store. Yes, I think tomato season went by all too quickly, but am happy to be choosing squash and cruciferous vegetables and sweet potatoes. It’s the season when I’m happy to use the oven again.

Speaking of heat, did you know that babies have a particular problem in this weather that adults have long outgrown?

That big beautiful head that your baby has is full of its growing brain and, more relevant to this article, a baby’s head boasts up to 25% of the surface area of the babe’s whole body. Which means that babies can lose heat very rapidly through their scalps unless covered, and use energy that they would otherwise use to grow, learn, and stay healthy.

So if you are wearing tights, or a sweater, or even a vest, put a hat on your baby’s head. If there is a hint or even a remnant of the morning’s chill in the air, cover your baby’s head. If your baby needs a long sleeved shirt, she needs a hat.

Not to mention that baby’s hats are so cute, would be a shame to pass up the opportunity to put one on.