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TMI about the vagina?

I was in my third year of medical school, spending some time at the Women's Health Clinic on lower University Avenue in Berkeley, California, across the Bay from my school, University of California at San Francisco.  It was Spring of 1978 and the women's movement was making some headroads in med

Mixed Emotions

Have you been checking in with old friends?  New friends? Even just your “regular friends” whom now you haven’t seen for the last month?  I delight in knowing that—to the best of my knowledge—everyone is okay.

Measure it to Own It

If you were to ask me what my greatest health challenge was, I would have answered you with clarity and assurance, "I am just not a very good sleeper."  I might explain my different strategies and interventions and supplements that I experiment with, all to improve my sleep quality.  I might eve

Sea Change

(No that's not milk, scroll to bottom of article for explanation. Yes, gardens on the "farm" in the background!)

It’s just possible that the scientific world is shifting its paradigm of understanding metabolic disease.