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Everywhere in the medical world, we learn that advancing age is a major risk factor for any chronic disease, so I was delighted to read this fairly new article that takes that idea and runs somewhere helpful with it. I concede that there is no... [read more]
Maybe you’d better sit down before I tell you this shocking news: our fear of dietary fat was partially fueled by sugar industry investment in favorable sugar research. Hard to believe, isn’t it? What, you’re not shocked? The news this week,... [read more]
I overheard a conversation recently in which one person repeated the oft-heard discounting of the Paleo Diet: "It's not real, you know, they don't know what people ate a long time ago." And, actually, that is not the truest critique of the Paleo... [read more]
A recently published study opens up an area I hadn't considered before: the long term risks of cardiovascular disease in pregnancy.  It is generally well known to consider whether or not a woman has had diabetes in pregnancy (or a child over 9... [read more]
There has been a fair amount of discussion recently about articles such as this one that urge doctors to consider ruling out insulin resistance far more often than they usually do. Many docs have the habit of checking a few simple blood sugar... [read more]
A recent journal article, published online here, describes and intersection between two clinical conditions that I always take very seriously: increased abdominal size and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Of course, as in any purely... [read more]
Public health messages have a bit of a repetitious quality, even when there is abundant evidence that they stand on shaky ground. For instance, if you peruse WebMD, or any conventional health-related sites, I imagine you're wondering if you should... [read more]
Why haven’t I seen this information before now!? It doesn’t change my mind, but if you are still getting routine mammograms, it might change yours. I saw this article first in Consumer Reports. The Institute of Medicine, the nonprofit arm of... [read more]
It's the sugar. I predict that within 5 years, doctors will not be relying on routine lipid panels to assess risk of cardiovascular disease. My prediction reveals my inherent nature as an optimist! Since dietary fat was mistakenly... [read more]
FRIDAY at the Physicians and Ancestral Health conference started with an excellent discussion of Mood and Memory by Dr. Georgia Ede, renowned psychiatrist and ketogenic diet blogger. You may have casually heard that although the body can do without... [read more]