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How's your memory? Although most of us can accept a few glitches in memory as we get older, the thought of losing significant cognitive ability is terrifying. How can we enjoy the wisdom of age if we can't remember it? It has been previously... [read more]
I definitely have a bad eating habit, and it’s not fast food, it’s eating food too fast. I can’t blame it on my medical training, it’s always been true. I can blame it on being in a hurry about many things: I also talk too fast. But I have a new... [read more]
A panel of experts vested by the World Health Organization to evaluate the effects of eating meat reported on Monday (October 25, 2015) that eating processed meat (hot dogs, ham, bacon, etc.) raises the risk of colon cancer and that consuming other... [read more]
It happens to me most often when I'm responding to an after hours call from a patient, or during a scheduled phone appointment during a workday.  I hear background noise and ask if the person with whom I'm speaking is actually, at that moment,... [read more]
Perhaps you heard about the recent study on the amount of sleep enjoyed by modern hunter-gatherer societies, the full text actually available here as a nice nod to public interest and intelligence. In reality though, what most people read was the... [read more]
Researcher Kevin Hall at the National Institutes of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease Laboratory published a study in a recent issue of Cell Metabolism that set alive the world of metabolic researchers and physicians. The study is only... [read more]
Most of us past the age of 50 notice that we are forgetting things from time to time, sometimes quite alarmingly. Out walking with a good friend, we encounter another and start to introduce our friends to each other… and we forget our close friend’... [read more]
My jaw dropped as I queried, "What did your doctor say?" One of our most beloved local gastroenterologists actually said to more than one of my patients something along the lines of "You can stay on these proton pump inhibitors for the rest of your... [read more]
That apology is what should be coming out of the US Department of Agriculture in concert with the US Department of Health and Human Services. Turns out 40 years of telling people to restrict dietary fat and put a strict limit on dietary cholesterol... [read more]
I should always clarify what KIND of news I'm including in this space. There is actual news: a new study, or a new observation, something that adds to the general body of information on which we all rely to keep fine-tuning our health to the best... [read more]