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Did you know you can develop incredible tolerance to exercising in the cold, and it might be a good idea? Check out this woman’s remarkable abilities to withstand cold temperatures in her determination to befriend beluga whales. If just watching... [read more]
Intermittent fasting (IF) is a bit of a buzz word among those interested in the wisest way to eat to optimize health and performance. IF seems to allow gentle calorie restriction without its usual problems of metabolic downregulation and hormone... [read more]
When exercise recommendations are given for health improvement, particularly for diabetes prevention, it is usually suggested that you get a good half hour of aerobic exercise daily. It has been previously found that men can achieve a similar if... [read more]
It’s not enough to say “Eat fish”. Based on yet one more study, I would advise you to eat fish TWICE a week.A group of researchers designed a fairly simple observational study examining the dietary habits and cardiovascular health of 961 non-... [read more]
You can do it almost anywhere, any time, and it might help. I've mentioned meditation several places and recommend it as a method to soothe jangled nerves, ease sleep problems and help focus your mind. Dr. Madhav Goyal from Johns Hopkins recently... [read more]
The highly respected medical journal Annals of Internal Medicine took on multi-vitamin supplementation in December and concluded, seemingly without really reading the articles in the same issue, that mutli-vitamin-mineral supplements are a waste of... [read more]
I have talked about the overwhelming number of bacteria housed in a healthy digestive system, 100 trillion little critters compared to a  measly 10 trillion cells in the body those critters inhabit. One very smart health blogger, Chris Kresser, has... [read more]
The simplest and safest way to be healthy might just be going for a walk! A recent study published in the British Medical Journal stepped back and took a broad view of possible medical interventions for serious health conditions. Their findings... [read more]
I just read a very nice article on organic vs conventional milk reporting on a recent rather large study. The study’s report introduces the topic with attention to just one of the problems of the standard American diet (SAD), namely that the ratio... [read more]
Although vitamin D normalization has been credited with many health benefits, there has not yet been a clinical trial looking at the effect of vitamin D supplementation on isolated systolic hypertension. Just such a study was reported recently. Of... [read more]